I'm a Software Developer with BSc in IT and MSs in Math. 👇 I have solid background in : ✅ HTML5, HTML, xHTML, XML <br> ✅ CSS3, CSS, SASS, LESS ✅ JavaScript, JQuery, Vue.js ✅ PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JSON, MVC, Git ✅ WordPress, Cs-Cart, Magento,Dle,ModX,

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A Life Half Full: Aging With Optimism

As Americans age, one element seems to be key for their mental and physical health: optimism. That’s the finding...

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Food, Fuel, and Finance … The 3Fs of Economics

Nearly half of U.S. high school students say they do not know how to establish good credit and more...

A K in PHP, Seo
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Could we reinvent the charm of old cities ?

Bucharest’s history alternated periods of development and decline from the early settlements in antiquity until its consolidation as the national capital...

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Headache-Free Moving Advice: 3 Steps Closer to a New Home

One summer night a man stood on a low hill overlooking a wide expanse of forest and field. By...

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